Gurdjieff Movements Retreat in Finland – July 2022


Nikkila Temple

During 5 magnificent summer days at Nikkila Temple in Finland we will explore our connections with ourselves, with others and with Nature through the unique perspectives of the Enneagram and Gurdjieff’s Sacred Movements. How many different aspects of Essence, of the Qualities of the Heart, of Holy Presence are we able to glimpse? To embody? To understand? What do we resist and how does that resistance show up? How can we best support ourselves to awake, expand and transform?

Carol’s fun and challenging approach to the Movements provides the framework and container for this incredible journey of self-discovery with space for integration, deepening and sharing. The days will begin early with unique presence practices to awaken our three centers and end with bonfires, zikhr, saunas, late night dips in the lake and other powerful ways to connect with the elements within and around us.

In between we will work with the Movements and for the land at Nikkila, always working consciously with ourselves and others. We will explore the universal laws embedded in the symbol of the Enneagram and the deeply insightful Enneagram of Transformation that together point us toward new dimensions of our human potential. Most importantly, the participants will co-create the magic of shared insight and deep connection within a compassionately facilitated group space that Carol skillfully adapts to the emerging Now. In other words, expect the unexpected!

Interview with Carol

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Dates and Times

Dates: The workshop will begin at 3 pm on Saturday, 23 July 2022 and end after lunch on Thursday, 28 July.

Times: The days will begin early and group activities will run through the evening, with rest periods in between.

This is a residential retreat.

Getting to Nikkila

For international travelers: There are flights into Helsinki. Then a train from the airport to Orivesi.

For travelers from neighboring countries: There are ferries into Helsinki from Estonia, or into Turku from Sweden. Then trains to Orivesi.

From Orivesi it’s a 20 min taxi ride. The Nikkila can coordinate taxi shares.
Nearest towns are Orivesi and Kangasala.


Tampere is the 2nd largest city of Finland and it’s a 45min car ride away.
Turku is Finland’s older capital city and it’s on the sea, 3.5hrs away by car.
Both can be reached by bus from Kangasala (the nearest town to the retreat).

Participants who are arriving from out of Finland and are interested in using this opportunity to make a trip, can go into the arctic circle before or after the group and see the sun never set all night (there will be mosquitos however).

As it is, we will have no full darkness in July, no stars, just planets and moon and sun
are visible.