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*** we are now inviting applications to the 2024 Residential Program for June-August 2024 ***
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The Whidbey Akhaldans Fourth Way School is a center that offers students the opportunity to cultivate integrated development of self-awareness and self-understanding. This self-understanding transforms our inner–and outer–experience of life. Through unlearning our conditioned, past patterns, we are able to connect in a more grounded and authentic way with ourselves, with others, and with the world. This process is always underway, and it is our eternal, joyful Work.

Our Work takes place alone, in pairs, in small and large groups. Students are invited to experience the Work through our Zoom classes, our in-person classes, weekend retreats, long retreats on site and abroad. We also welcome students to come for more immersive experiences, through one-on-one coaching sessions with Carol, through our residential program, which spans 1 to 3 months between May and July, and through intensive, 3 day one-on-one retreats with Carol, on site.

Please explore this website to see our offerings, read about the school, our work and how to contact us.