Upcoming Events

Gurdjieff Movements in Estonia – 2023

October 10-15 at a beautiful, forested retreat center 1.5 hours from Tallinn.

Dates for Retreats in Estonia in 2024 are forthcoming.

Please contact Carol for more information: whidbeyakhaldans@gmail.com

Gurdjieff Movements in Portugal – 2024

One day tasters in Lisbon on March 22 and 23

6 Day Residential Retreat in southern Portugal from March 28 to April 2.  This is an exceptional and unique opportunity to explore your innermost landscape in new and empowering ways while immersed in the stunning contemplative setting of Karuna Meditation Center. Located high up in the Monchique mountains of the Algarve we will be overlooking Portugal’s southern coastline and the Atlantic Ocean from one of the most peaceful settings in the country.

Leading-Balance Retreat  in Portugal – August 2-8, 2024

For all those seeking inner balance with and through leadership, this retreat will provide a unique opportunity to break through old confining habits and patterns of reaction and open new pathways for inner and outer transformation. Combining the best of cutting edge innovation and creativity methodologies with ancient wisdom techniques including mind/heart-blowing Gurdjieff Movements.

Registration for all events in Portugal will be open soon. Please inquire if you are interested. whidbeyakhaldans@gmail.com

Residential Summer Program on Whidbey Island

Every summer, from May through July, we gather to create a working community of seekers at Whidbey Akhaldans. Through connection and friction come insights, breakthroughs and long-lasting transformation. Participants can come for any length of time, up to three months.

Contact Carol for more information: whidbeyakhaldans@gmail.com

Recuring every Friday – Online Gurdjieff Sacred Dances

Fridays: 8:00-9:00 AM Pacific Time.

This is a continuing 4th Way Group Meeting. The aim is to provide substance, continuity and community. The Movements will remain the primary vehicle for the transmission of 4th Way Ideas. While we encourage regular attendance, participants can also drop in for a weekly dose of presence.

For information and zoom link read our page – Online Gurdjieff Sacred Dances from Anywhere.