Carol Squire – co-founder and Facilitator

The Akhaldans Way and Its Facilitators

Carol Squire

Carol is a Sufi Dervish, Fourth Way teacher, Transactional Analysis (TA) facilitator, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, corporate leader, woman, mother, and student–just like all of us. She is also the co-founder of the International Akhaldans Fourth Way School, in India. Carol worked with Akash Dharmaraj, to create a unique style of transmitting the Fourth Way Work. Together, they used the Gurdjieff movements as a vehicle for awakening and transformation.

Carol has been leading groups globally for 35 years. She integrates Sufi practices and Transactional Analysis in her organizational change work with high-profile corporate leaders, non-profit organizations, groups, and individuals. She warmly welcomes all those who ask to learn, and are ready to undertake the Work.

Her mission is to transform individuals, teams, and organizations by taking them out of their automatic comfort zones. She invites her students to return to a simple state in which sensory awareness reigns supreme; this allows them to experience themselves, and the world, anew, shedding layers of fear, control, ego, and fractured selves. In this space, we reinvent, reintegrate, and reconnect with our most authentic, essential Self. In our truest selves, we embody spirit and animation; we have access to deeper experiences of awareness, intimacy, and spontaneity; we become newly connected to ourselves, our potential, our purpose, and others in deeply meaningful and healthy ways. Through the Work we come to operate from a place of love and playfulness. Through the Work we become, more purely, ourselves.

Carol is an inspired and experienced facilitator of the Work through Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances, and has led retreats in India (including the Osho Commune in Pune), Israel, Portugal, Ethiopia, and North America. For those who are interested in a more prolonged exposure to the Fourth Way, Carol conducts on-going classes, workshops, retreats, and residential opportunities from Whidbey Akhaldans Fourth Way school, in Washington’s Puget Sound. During pandemic conditions, Carol also leads groups via Zoom that include seekers from over a dozen countries.

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