Whidbey Akhaldans Updates – February 18, 2022

Dear Fellow Seekers,

I’ve created a new list, mainly of people who have attended groups this year. A few of you have expressed interest and a couple of you I just want to keep in the loop with no expectations! You are all always welcome to any of the offerings.
Please let me know if you don’t want to be on this list.
First newsflash: I have a sore throat, tested negative for COVID, but don’t want to risk anything, so no groups this weekend: February 18 and 19. 
Second newsflash: Our website is up and nearly finished. I would love more eyes on it, with suggestions, comments, etc. Please direct ALL PRAISE to Raaya and to Hannah. (Both are copied above). The address is: akhaldans.org
Third newsflash: Both summer retreats now have live websites and FB events pages with links in our website imminent. It would be beyond awesome to have some of our local group represented in Finland (end July) and Portugal (early August).
Old News: This is the schedule for our regular weekly groups. 
1) Friday evening 7-9 (Integrative Somatic Experience)
2) Saturday morning 10-12:00 (Gurdjieff Movements)
3) Saturday evening 7-9 (Salon: Listening, Sharing, and Exploring the Big Questions)
No tests required, but please come healthy.
Please let me know if you plan to attend any of these so I know how many to expect. Bonus Points 😏 for inviting others that you feel would enjoy our work together.
With love!